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GearWrench #164 Spark Plug  Feeler Gage 082171001642 Spark Plug Gap and Feeler Gauge Set

GearWrench #164 Spark Plug Gap and Feeler Gage.
6 - Wire Gauges Check Spark Plug Gaps and (12) Straight Blades Check Other Clearances

Our Price: $8.68
GearWrench #161-D Feeler Gage Set Gear Wrench 161D 32 Blade Deluxe Feeler Set 0.0015 to 0.035"

GearWrench #161-D 32-Blade Feeler Gage Set

Our Price: $14.76
12mm Stud Socket Gear Wrench 12mm Stud Removal Tool

Gear Wrench professional-grade 12mm stud remover

Our Price: $15.89
6mm Stud Socket Gear Wrench 6mm Stud Removal Tool

Gear Wrench professional-grade 6mm stud remover

Our Price: $15.92
8mm Stud Socket Gear Wrench 8mm Stud Removal Tool

Gear Wrench professional-grade 8mm stud remover

Our Price: $15.92
10mm Stud Socket Gear Wrench 10mm Stud Removal Tool

Gear Wrench professional-grade 10mm stud remover

Our Price: $15.92
GearWrench 2428D Compression Tester GearWrench 2428D Compression Tester 0-300 psi

GearWrench (Formerly KD Tools) - 2428D Engine 0-300 psi Compression Tester - Adapters for 14 and 18 mm - Lifetime Warranty

Our Price: $33.07
Stud Socket Set Gear Wrench Metric and SAE 8-Piece Stud Removal Kit

Gear Wrench professional-grade metric and SAE 8-piece stud removal kit.

Our Price: $45.18
KD Gear Wrench KD Tools Bushing Driver Gear Wrench Kit

Pro quality gear wrench kit

Our Price: $51.70
GearWrench 850DD Ring Compressor | E-Z Bore GearWrench 850DD 2-7/8" to 4-3/8" Piston Ring Compressor Set

Piston ring bands can be compressed from the side making piston installation easier on engine blocks with retaining studs for removable cylinders and heads. Many applications in Automotive, Motorcycle and Small Engine Service engine rebuild work.

Our Price: $67.22