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Since 1990 E-Z Bore has been in the small engine equipment and kart industry, as a competitor, retail sales, engine machine and manufacturing. Since 1990 we have developed many innovative performance tools and ideas in this industry. Take a look at the alternative options we offer.
Kart Specialty Tools Performance Parts and Hardware
Get the best performance from your performance kart with these great engine, chassis and body tools
Treat your performance kart with the best parts, and it will treat you to wins!
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Camshaft Ignition Kit 11-inch Degree Wheel Assembly 9-inch Degree Wheel Assembly

Complete package for camshaft setup, timing and technical profile inspection for racing sanctioning organizations.

E-Z Bore 11-inch degree wheel assembly

9-inch Comp Cams small race engine degree wheel assembly

Comp Cams GP4790 Degree Wheel Degree Wheel PTO Adapter CompCams 4794 Degree Wheel Pointer

Comp Cams degree wheel

Degree wheel PTO adapter converts 1" center hub for use on 3/4" PTO shaft

Degree wheel pointer

Spark Plug Shims Kart Chassis Setup and Analysis 10 Degree Left Caster Block
Spark plug indexing shim washers adjust electrode for optimum firing performance in combustion chamber. "Kart Chassis Setup and Analysis" by Garry Fisher 10-degree Left caster block for your older Phenom or Nemesis kart chassis
10 Degree Right Caster Block Tire Valve Core Tool Race Chassis rear bumper rubber bushing
1-1/4" Bumper Bolt Assembly
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $20.28
Savings: $4.67
10-degree Right caster block for your older Phenom or Nemesis kart chassis
Easily remove and install tire valve cores with this economic tool. 1-1/4" Bumper Bolt Assembly (Pair)
Tire Valve Core Tool 1.00 Axle Lock Collar 1.25 Axle Lock Collar
Milton S449 Tire Tool
Our Price: $8.44
Easily remove and install tire valve cores with this economical tool. 1" Axle Lock Collar 1.25" Axle Lock Collar
E-Z Bore 1/2 inch Heim Assembly
1/2" diameter bolt camber heim end assembly for frame mounting with 1/2" diameter eyelet for spindle Bolt
Allow us to help with your small engine equipment requirements. We have the knowledge and the experience to help. Please contact us for any application not shown in our product inventory.